Cleaning the Run

  1. BackyardFlock17
    Cleaning your chicken run isn't too hard to do. Here are some helpful tips and a tutorial on how to clean it and put bedding down.

    Rubber or Normal Gloves (opt.)
    Straw or Hay
    A Plastic Trash Bag
    A Rake
    A Scraper

    First, put on the gloves (if you choose to do so), they help you keep your hands clean. Next, take a rake and rake all of the straw (or whatever bedding you used) from the run floor. Now use the scraper to scrape all of the chicken feces from the walls and ect. Then grab a trash bag and put in all the dirty bedding. Finally, you can put in new straw.

    When you clean out the run, your chickens shouldn't be in there with you, they'll make it harder.

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  1. Whittni
    Adding pictures would be a nice touch.

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