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By CluckyCharms · Oct 21, 2012 · Updated Nov 30, 2012 ·
  1. CluckyCharms
    I'm pretty excited about the New Year's Day hatch-along here at BYC, but I'm having trouble finding the eggs I'm wanting. I've had several leads, but none (thus far) have panned out for me. It is frustrating, but since today is the 30th, I figure I still have about 6 days before I absolutely have to have hatching eggs on their way to me in the mail to make it in time for the set date. Thus, I have almost an entire week to find the ones I really want. I would greatly enjoy some true Wheaten Ameraucanas (not easter eggers), or some real Buckeyes instead of the ones I see at Tractor Supply (they don't look like Buckeye chicks to me). I would also very much like some White Chantecler hatching eggs, but I'm quickly finding out those are extremely difficult to find, especially for someone such as myself, who has no credentials or references; I can't say I'd be too willing to send a nice breed to just anyone either. =) I have sent private messages regarding hatching eggs and have received some very nice replies thus far, but most folks are 'booked' with orders to fill and cannot sell me eggs that would be here in time. Some messages have not received replies at all...hopefully because people are just busy with real life.

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