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By dorisdiana · Dec 30, 2013 · ·
  1. dorisdiana
    I've had a chicken obsession for probably as long as I've been married, but finally I got the real deal. My husband says I put the cart before the horse but when I'm excited I tend to do that. So my chicken adventures began Nov. 12, 2013 when I received 3 red chicks. I was told two were pullets and one was a cockerel. I looked them up and I think they are production reds? and I was told they were about 4 weeks old. LOL, I had no place to keep them so I stuck them in a small dog kennel since my husband had just mowed the lawn so I figured that would make great bedding material. I had no idea they could make such a huge mess! They practically threw all of those grass clippings all over my kitchen floor as fast as they could. I was horrified! What had I gotten myself into?!

    Well they needed to go outside as soon as possible and thank God my husband was on the same page I was. So the dear man got me a chicken coop the very next day.[​IMG]
    My poor husband probably thought that was the end of his contributions to my chicken obsession. Poor thing.
    Well I decided they were going to be cold so the coop needed walls and nests, and hay. I think chickens need hay don't they? So I go to the local feed store and decide to buy a hay bale. Well, once I paid for it I realized I had to get it home and I realized that only because this young man followed me out to my SUV toting the darn thing. Okay sure, just lay it in the back seat. Sure just set it on top of the car seats.

    No at the time I didn't realize the stuff would get everywhere. Every time I drop off one of the kids at school he has hay sticking to his butt.

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  1. Brookliner
    No time like the present to start exploring BYC for all the information you will need to raise your chickens. With a handy husband you are miles ahead of a lot of us. Start reading, learning and especially enjoy your chicks.

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