Cocci vs coccidia

By Kiki · Oct 12, 2019 ·
  1. Kiki
    Cocci is the plural word for coccus.
    This is a bacteria.

    Coccidia is a parasite.
    Coccidiosis is the infection that happens with the bird is infected with coccidia.

    Treating Coccidiosis with Corid, Amprol, AmproMed - The Correct Amprolium Dose

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    "Includes Great Video Link For Coccidiosis Video"
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    At first glance, this article doesn't look like much and you'll be tempted to pass it by without looking deeper. DON'T! The links here are more than worth pursuing. Spend a bit of time looking throught them. Your birds ... and your wallet ... will thank you for it!
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    "Clarifying Terms"
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    Thanks for posting this's common to see the terms confused.
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