Cochin Crazy

By wickedhens · Jun 11, 2014 · Updated Jul 18, 2014 · ·
  1. wickedhens
    So my love for bantam cochins began with 1 mystery chick I got from Tractor Supply who was doomed for death. He became my best little buddy and a house roo for awhile before he could go outside with the others. I decided to sell off all of my LF except for a few good layers and start over with cochins and begin working on my own lines and color projects!

    I have a mostly bantam cochin flock and while I know most people like their LF I would trade my bannies for anything!

    I haven't got pictures of all of them yet hopefully in the next couple days I can start showing them off better

    Static Shock - Buff Barred Bantam Cockerel (favorite but shhhh don't tell the others [​IMG])

    Minerva - Not sure what he actual color is she was a "surprise" hatching egg but she looks like something out of lemon blue or splash project?

    Alectryon - My project sizzle cockerl
    Jafar - The one who started it all!
    Allonsy - Mille Fleur Pullet
    Frost -white cockerel
    Frost & Snow White
    James & Tink My mottled & "littlest" pair [​IMG] RIP Tink I didn't even get to see you in your true beauty [​IMG]

    Still trying to get some good shots of my other cochins and sizzle/silkie project babies but they are too busy free ranging and moving to care about me today! Hopefully we can get some more pictures! Right now through pictures it looks as though my boys outnumber my girls (they don't) but it seemed the boys were more apt to taking pictures today, maybe the humidity was causing the girls to think they were having bad hair days [​IMG]


    Static again


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  1. wickedhens
    Thank you everyone!!
  2. MamaChicken4
    They are wonderful!
  3. RezChamp
    Dang! You got some freaking awesome colors and patterns. Kooleos.
    Buff Barred!! Wowed wow wow. Simply awesome.
    And the LemonBlue Splash Andalusian looking one...gorgeous.
    I am totally impressed.
    Wow. Thank you for posting these pics.
    Again.... Wow
  4. Zimbabwefarmer
    Lovely chickens thanks - bantams are the best hey - check out my Pekin bantams, which are similar...
  5. rekkas peeps
    I love your Sizzle projest roo!! love the mohawk!
  6. RezChamp
    Wow. Just WOW.
  7. wickedhens
    Holy Cow!! Thank you I am so honored!
  8. MyPetNugget
    Sounds like a cool flock! :D
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