Hi everyone!!! :DMy name is Nîchole (pronounced "knee coal") Gosh time flies! I've been around BYC about a year now. I'm originally from Kentucky, I was living in the Southwest in El Paso, TX but I recently moved to the Fayetteville, NC area. I'm a crazy Silkie lady and love talking about my birds! I'm also a proud momma of a 2 years old little boy and a part time model. Yes I wash off the chicken poop every once 'n awhile and get dolled up for the camera! If you like, love or want silkies let's talk! Heck, if you're into photography or modeling let's talk as well! I'm super friendly and am never short on words! my friends call me Cole or Colie. :p

Aside from my Silkies, I currently have a 7 year old Husky/Great Pyrenese mix named Texas, a 4 year old Maltese named Cricket, 2 year old black and cream German Shepherd named Bear and a Tortie Persian named Temperance.
Bear (his ear falls down at night when he's tired): DSCN0188-1.jpg

As of now I have silkies in blue, black, splash, buff, white, porcelain & lavender. (Peepers my bantam lavender ameraucana disappeared so I hope whoever took her is loving her as much as I did!)

In search of silkie eggs/chicks and/or SQ/BQ juveniles/adults. Looking for all colors. Half way thru rebuilding my flock after losing the majority of my adults to an accident Spring 2011.quality