Columbian Rock Chicken Breed Information

I adore this breed. Mind you, the part about its being a dual-purpose chicken is not in the cards on this farm. My chickens produce eggs, and that's enough for me.

I have two Columbian Rock hens, Arliss and Annie. Arliss was notably friendly her first week on the planet. Annie followed behind, but not by much. Temperament is hugely important to me. Their production of pretty brown eggs is quite good, and they are very amiable birds. I can't pick up all of my chickens, but these two seem to like being petted, as do a couple of the buff Orpingtons and my buff Orpington rooster. So those two breeds seem to be blessed with wonderful temperaments.

Though I also have a barred Rock hen, Stella, she resists being picked up (just as her flock mate twin, Blanche, did). Of the Plymouth Rocks, the Columbians are my favorite.

They deserve a longer article extolling their many virtues.
Article is short and contains a short amount of the chicken breed information. I would also exclude the part out where it was mentioned that Columbian Rocks are a popular breed. Most hatcheries don't hold this breed.
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