Presented here are pages for your efforts to figure out what may be wrong with your Chooks.
Notes: Theses pages cover ONLY the more common Poultry diseases. I have learned not to read too much into what your sick chicken presents when they are ill. Try not to look for exotic type diseases. Working quickly with a diagnosis can save your sick chicken. Trying to diagnose the disease can be extremely frustrating so go with your gut feelings. Remember, if you feel you need professional help see an avian veterinarian.
As always present what you think your diagnosis is on the BYC forum and GET SOME FEEDBACK. Take pictures whenever you can and post these along with your findings.
I have four different pages. The first three are for general information and have tables that are linked to them.
The forth page will take you to different web sites for further insight and explanations of Poultry diseases. You look for the External Symptoms and click on the links. Mississippi State University has changed their website. They are using Adobe Acrobat and therefore no links to their site will work. I am hoping this changes, but until then you will need to go to their site and look up the external disease section.

Just click on one of these four links to get to the pages that interest you.
Viral Respiratory Diseases Viral Non Respiratory Diseases Bacterial Diseases Parasitic Diseases
Here is a link for People with Guinea Fowl. It also has information for all poultry:
uggestions if you have a sick bird:S

Isolation, warmth and a quiet secure place for the bird can lessen the stress on both of you. I have a small pet cage on top of a barrel with a 100 watt light bulb and a cover around the cage. It has pine shavings and a small hanging feeder. I use it for broody silkie hens when it is not needed. Having a sick bird can be a very stressfull and heart wrenching time. Having medications and supplies already in your hands can reduce the time to administer needed treatments.
Many on the BYC have "med packs" for their flocks.