Construction instructions: poultry palace was my first thought for a name but I like Chickwagon better which is what I am selling it as.

collect 6 pieces of rebar 20' long. Cut according to following specs:

Note the colors tell you where each length piece goes. Bend round pieces. Weld bottom rectangle, weld round pieces to bottom frame. Weld support pieces on sides and top. Build door and weld door frame. Weld hinges to door frame and then to door. Weld a chain to the frame and a catch on the door for the chain to keep it closed. Build nesting boxes on opposite end.

Wrap floor of nesting box in hardware cloth.

Put chicken wire around entire structure except floor. Put polywoven fabric on front, door, upper top, backside except leave door open to make separate door for nesting box. Create door for nesting box out of polywoven fabric and welded framework. I make a strip of cloth for wintering around the bottom. You can put hay in the nesting box but I use aspen pads.