Coop de Danville: The creation of our coop.

Delivery of the 6x10 ft. run in shed found on clearance at local swing store. April 2011.

Working hard to finish off the inside so we can move the chicks out of the garage. Insulated the walls with styrofoam sheets covered by plywood. Then applied paint, linoleum, doors and finishing touches.

We had alot of fun as a family making the hand print chickens. June 2011

The chicks enjoying their first few minutes inside the interior of the coop. My son decides to read them a story of a chicken who lays an egg. Perhaps he is prepping them for the future.

Interior of the coop is complete now to direct our attention to the outside run. The boys are laying down the landscape fabric for under the run. The base frame of the run (approx 9 x 10 ft.) was lined with 1/4" hardware cloth laid in place and filled with just under one yard of stone dust. Then the rest of the framing was completed as well as the clear plastic roof covering to help keep out the elements. June was a very rainy month in NH and slowed down our progress. We were pretty much limited to working on it during the weekends and around the kids schedules.

My husband was ecstatic that the run was complete!!

Our neighbor joked that my husband must have bought every washer down at Home Depot but we wanted to be as deligent as possible to deter wildlife from finding their way into the coop.

The finished product. I think the six girls and one rooster are very happy here. We are very happy that they are now starting to lay eggs in August. They are pretty pampered thus far and provide alot of entertainment for us. Although this project took up the majority of our summer weekends it was well worth it. May your chickens provide you with as much happiness.
Cheers to: Coin the Golden Comet, Egg the Amberlink, Little Speckle the Barred Rock, Fluff Top the Silkie cross, The two EE's Dizzy and Ophelia as well as our little Salmon Favorelle cross rooster named Pajamas.
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