Hi Im Hector Im 22 and I live in southern california
in a really small town called Mecca, currently have 3 silkies and 8 silkie chicks, 14 bobwhite quails, 22 chicks (which most of them i dont know what theya re yet, 4 chinesse goslings, 6 rouen ducklins,2 RIr hens, and 7 newly hatched gamble quails, and 1 little chuckar chick too, Oh and of course a beautiful gilrfriend who I love, and who is not into animals but its very understanding, atleast for now, hahaha.

I had chickens and geese when I was little but paid little to no attention to them back then. I va always been interested on quails just because when i was little I used to see this flocks of quails flying out of the corn crops when you least expacted. So this year I decided that I was gonna get some quails, i started looking and it was really hard finding some but I found this really cool guy who sold me 15 Bobwhites, my first quails, they were 5 months old when I got them back on february. Anyways my beautiful bobwhites are laying now and there such beautiful birds.
Heres a not so good picture of them.

Later on I got 11 RIR hens, but ended up selling nine of them, so now I just have 2 of them.

heres a picture of them before they were taken away
Recently i decided to try and build an incubator just to see if itd work and to my surprise it did, hatched out 15 coturnix chicks.Will put up pics soon.

I also placed an order on Cackle a motn ago and just got it on 05/12/10 I got the waterfowl special and 15 assorted rainbow layers, and 5 EE and a little EE roo. ended up getting 22 chicks, from which I have no I deal what breed they are, but my goslings are Chinesse and my 6 ducklings are rouens
Here my ducklins and my goslings.
And here are my mistery chicks, can you guess what they are?

sorry for the dab pictures, there from a phone I currently dont have a camera, but working to get one soon.

Thans for looking Ill be updating my page as my flock grows, Btw i love thos forum its the best.