Hi All

Well not had a brilliant winter what with flooding and snow :-( but finally through the other side of it. while we unfortunately lost a couple of my beloved hens we have gained a few aswell and thanks to my Aunt an incubator which mean i can now hatch like crazy. Below is our current stock list.

Partridge Wyandotte Hen
Black Cochin Hen
2x Buff Cochin Hens
Columbian Buff Brahma Hen
Silver Blue Brahma Hen
Vorwerk Hen
Columbian Blacktail Hen (hybrid)
Black Silkie Hen
White Silkie Hen
White Silbar cross ??? Hen
White Orloff Hen
Blue Cochin Frizzle Hen
Transilvanian Naked Neck Frizzle Hen (Bantam)
Black Appenzeller Hen
Lavender Pekin Cock
2x Mottled Pekin Hens
Silver Dorking Hen & Cock
Quartet Cuckoo Marans
Wheaten Pekin Cock
ISA Brown Hen (hybrid)
Jubiliie Orp/Sussex (unsure what breed) Cock
Duo Black Dutch Bantams
Partridge Brahma Hen
Gold Brahma Cock

And comming very very soon Hatching eggs for Chocolate Pekin's :)

If you have any questions about my birds please feel free to ask