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By MagpieDucks · Mar 22, 2018 · ·
  1. MagpieDucks
    @Cayuga momma
    Name: Rocky
    *Age: 6 days
    *Breed: Cayuga
    *Other: Rocky lost her 2 sisters and almost died too, but she fought her way back, so she was named Rocky (Balboa)


    Name: Kumquat
    Age: 1 week
    Breed: Black Bibbed Call/Mallard
    Other: Her mother rejected her and her siblings after a rival broody stolen an egg. So my 4H leader rescued the eggs and put them in her incubator. I recently aquired them at my lastest meeting. IMG_9798.JPG

    Name: peep peep
    Age: 3 weeks old
    Breed: Indian runner duck/ khaki Campbell
    Peep peep was the only one out if 6 eggs to survive and hatch so was on her own for the first 4 days. So we spent a lot of time with her and she loved to sleep on my shoulder. We named her peep peep because as soon as she heard our voices in the house she would sit on her food dish and shout loudly until someone picked her up she now has 2 new friends but still loves her cuddles and is a very spoilt little duckling.
    @Runner duck mom
    Name: Olive
    Age: 2 weeks
    Breed: Chocolate Runner
    Amelia or Amelio :p
    2 Weeks Old
    Fawn & White Indian Runner IMG_9801.JPG
    Name: Babs
    Age: 2 weeks
    Breed: Silver Appleyard
    Other: Babs (front left) was a special order female that lost her sister while in transit. I had to go to the local farm store and get Babs a friend. Came home with 2 Pekins, named them Lucky and Turbo. Altogether they are my BLT’s C7D3B7D2-9113-43BA-B6D3-6D821FC4B80A.jpeg.jpg
    Name Babs
    Age 3 days
    Breed Silver Appleyard
    Other delivery day! Are you my momma?!?
    @Farmer Connie
    • Name: George
    • Age: Purchased 3/3/18 while tiny.
    • Breed: Pekin
    • Other: OMG:love Why haven't I got these guys years ago? Once I was lost, but now I am found. COWGIRL AND GEORGE by farmer Connie.jpg
    @chickens really
    Call duckling
    Hatched March 19th 2018
    Chocolate Ancona Call.
    Cadbury is its name..
    *Name: Randy
    *Age: ~36 hours
    *Breed: Call (snowy)
    Other: Singleton from a clutch of 9
    *Picture: 74EC367D-DBCE-4DC0-AE16-27BA440FC674.jpeg.jpg
    @chickens really
    Name is Pippy
    Hatched January 2018
    Age Hatched ..A few hours old
    Breed is a Call Duckling
    Extremely tiny and still fantastic.
    That's a shot glass its in.. IMG_3445.JPG
    Name- Blue
    Age- 2 weeks
    Breed- Blue Swedish
    Other- Blue is in a mixed breed home. She shares her brooder with her sisters Pip, Harp and Daisy. They will soon be joined by more ducklings. Blue is the most cautious duckling and the one who enjoys human contact the least. But look how photogenic she is already! IMG_20180315_182344_435.jpg
    @Duck Hippie
    (Yellow and black)Esther and (grey)Lily
    1 1/2 weeks old
    Magpie and kakhi Campbell

    Lily is the greyish brownish kakhi Campbell swimming around with her best bud Esther with is the yellow and black magpie, Esther has a foot deformity but she's doing swell!

    (Note: More pictures of Esther and Lily can be found here.Cutest Webs of 2018!!!)

    *Maybe a couple days to a week
    *She's a magpie?
    *I inherited this one bc she was super weak at one of my local TSCs. She is super cuddly!! 1306841-b4bdd3f576d070d77b3925f2abb3858c.jpg IMG_20180401_152145.jpg @Soon2BChixMom *Name: Lil' Bean (Beanie)
    *Age: 2 weeks
    *Breed: Chocolate Muscovy

    Lil' Bean is the smallest of her siblings that I aquired a few weeks ago. She is pretty shy and waits for her siblings to endulge first (probably the reason why she is smaller?) She likes to nuzzle between her siblings for safety when she thinks I am getting too close. In this photo the siblings are drinking while she is waiting for her turn (or when I am not as close).
    20180327_170522.jpg *Name: Mocha
    *Age: A week and a few days
    *Breed: Chocolate Muscovy

    Mocha is a Chocolate Muscovy that I aquired with her siblings a few weeks ago. She is the leader of the pack. She is always coming to me first (and /or running the opposite direction). She has learned that I bring fresh water and yummy treats. In this pic you can see that she has always been a leader - while everyone else is hiding, she is looking at me straight on. IMG_20180321_193143430.jpg
    @atomic My pair of Rouen ducklings, Feathers and Peep. They were a week old in the pic, they're now five weeks and growing faster than weeds. 2018-03-04_18.53.07.jpg
    @happy duck Name: Jeffery
    Age: 2 days
    Breed: Pekin
    Other: I got this little buddy 3 hours ago and I love him so much!!!! MVIMG_20180404_110506.jpg
    @katie246 1day old
    Welsh harlequin
    Tom and his friends hatch yesterday and are my first duckling from my little flock of Welsh harlequins and I couldn't be happier. IMAG1965.jpg
    @CayugaJana Name: Pip
    Breed: Cayuga
    Age: 3 days
    Other: It’s name is Pip, because this little one externally pipped 5 days early. And is very vigorous and healthy. And it thinks my family is it’s Mother.❤️ 7B8F990B-D40E-4EC5-8E82-8D76FED35562.jpeg.jpg Name: Spike
    Age: 2 days old
    Breed: Cayuga/Pekin Cross (Cayuga Father- Pekin Mother)
    Other: It is one of 5 eggs that hatched in the incubator and is the largest out of all 5. It loves to be held and is a ham for photos. F89395C1-E19E-459E-A3FE-B53C93F7543F.jpeg.jpg
    @QuakieChan Name:Dusk
    Age: 2 weeks
    Breed: Rouen
    Other: Dusk got his name due to his darker complexion when compared to his sister Dawn, the more yellow one of the two. He loves to race with his sister at breakneck speed down hallways and is an avid high jumper (I think he's a shoe-in for the olympics). Another fun fact, he can understand commands in different languages even at a tender age of only 2 weeks-the duck einstein if you know what I mean ;) IMG_0150.jpg @AngieMae’sPekinDucks Names: Zig and Zag (Zig is the one in front on both pics)
    Breed: Pekin Ducks
    Age: approximately two and half /three weeks
    These two love being together and near me they are very happy spoiled little buggers. This was their first outside foraging experience they didn’t really eat as mouth everything lol. 65F4ECF1-073A-4BF6-917A-670570DC9428.jpeg.jpg silver apple yard
    Age: a week I think...
    Name: waffles
    Other: I found her in tractor supply all alone it broke my heart so I took her home!! 20180416_130917.png
    Click to expand...
    Name: Sumatra
    Age: she’s currently a little under 3 weeks but the picture below was taken at 3 days old.
    Breed: She’s a lovely Cayuga.
    Picture: 1363826-051a841c8c3aa495da80cc81a63a0334.jpg

    @pamelajean Name: Branch
    Age: 5 days
    Breed: Welsh Harlequin

    Branch is the calmest of our 3 babies and as such was the easiest to photograph. He is also the littlest. DSC_0254.JPG Name: Teak
    Breed: Unknown
    Age: 5 days

    Although Teak looks like a Rouen baby, there were no Rouens in the flock. Possibilities include a Welsh Harlequin/Khaki/Ancona/Runner mix. We will see what we get with this girl*.

    *I am only saying girl because that is what I hope she it, fingers crossed!! DSC_0267.JPG @HannahDuckLover
    Name: Mop-o-pop (haha. No idea how we came up with that for him.)
    Age: Two days I think
    Breed: Muscovy Duckling (2).JPG

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