mylittle chicks
Okey dokey here is what is going on with me and my baby chicks which i got a few weeks ago from the grange in issaquah. When we took the little girls home it was all new to us. I, being the motivater of this manuver, was immensly excited and i got right to work on making the chicks feel at home. My mom and i named each one and got them food and water as my dad and brother built them a large box out of some scraps of wood (my dad happens to build stuff as a hobby and my garage doesnt hold cars it's a workshop for this "hobby" more like obsession of his) from my backyard that were left from the shed. So after they were all named (pics. and labels will follow this text) and put in there box with fresh pine shavings about an inch deep and they had a mason jar full of water going into a water dish which was bought at the grange and some scratch and medicated food in the food jar and dish the same way as their water, they started to explore thier new, wonderful surroundings. All was bright and clean with a heavenly warm heat lamp radiating comfort towards their bright sunny little heads as their beady eyes peered up at their new family of four humans, about twenty-five fish, and a lot of stuffed animals, which i happen to think of as family if they were present when i was born and present as we brought our six adopted babies home with us (which i will make note of were quite loud on the way home). So days passed and they were as healthy as little chicks should be. Then as my brother taught them to perch on the edge of the box and fly off they began to long for the performance of this little stunt and began to try to make an escape from the box, so we solved this issue by adding another level of wood to the walls of the box and it gained about six inches which was sufficient to make it impossible for them to get out. They still havent gotten another addition though they may need it soon. However we did build them some perches. They are on the ground and they take about five minutes to make. We just screwed a wooden dowel to two little blocks of wood and set it on the ground. It was quite easy and once they figured out what it was they were quite happy. They are very excited about these new toys but we cant just build up the walls so we are considering a lid. I would be very pleased if some of you would care to send me a message or post something, u know something to let me know what you think of what we have done and what our plans are. Now here are some pictures for you to enjoy. I will post more when my computer decides to work properly
from left to right: sparky sitting, sparky standing, henny penny taking a nap, indiana looking @ me, dizzy sitting, dizzy posing for a shot, my box setup. and that is all for now for pics. get more L8R ~ :D Chicken signing off but only for now​
ya well my chix r a lot bigger so i will post pics l8r bai bai​