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Danib's Brooder

  1. danib
    Since chickens grow like weeds, my husband made our 5 chicks a grow out brooder that they wouldn't outgrow so quickly. It is "L" shaped so it fits nicely in the corner of our sun porch. It is 7 ft tall and both levels are a 4ft x 4ft x 2 ft deep "L" shape. It has two levels that are both 3.5 ft tall and are connected by a "ramp". It has four doors that can open for easy cleaning and be locked securely. The top level acts as their coop..it has 2 roosts, and an automatic waterer and feeder. The flooring is vinyl for easy clean up, also. The bottom level acts as "run" space for them to play in..and they do. lol. They love it! They have more than enough space, and we love knowing that they're comfortable in there until we get their coop done!


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  1. RodNTN
    Oh my gosh! That's such a roomy, great looking brooder! I might just try it for my 'growing fast as weeds, outgrowing their tiny brooder' chicks! :)
  2. azotter
    This is awesome
  3. ChickenGirl18
    Wow lucky chicks!
  4. Two Chicksahs
    That brooder of your looks very well made and durable! Nice job! It should last you a long time and its well thought out!
  5. magdalene74
    wow... just....wow.
  6. bucky52
    I adore this.
  7. DianaMallory
    Nice job of a space saving brooder with room to grow. If this is a contest you should get the blue ribbon! And I am not judging it from it's looks but by it's adaptability for growing chicks. But it does look like a nice piece of furniture too! Good job!
  8. Heron's Nest Farm
    Wow! This is by far the prettiest I've seen!
  9. 10whiskers
    I like the ramp and roost. The birds will already be familiar with these when they transfer to their "big bird" coop. And I agree, that birds grow so fast!
  10. scampisi
    Very creative…I love it!

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