Welcome to Davony's Chicks Pages​

we are located in central Missouri.
Just a little short story of how we got started, we hope you enjoy!
It all started with Spencer our white pekin we bought at the local farm and home store.
Then we decided little spencer needed a friend so we went to the feed store and there were no ducks left. So of course we had to get 6 chicks.
Four of the original chicks survived and more chicks were added. We ordered 8 RIR pullets,
1 Black Australorp cockeral, 14 Black australorp pullets, 2 light Brahmas, 2 dark Brahmas and a Columbia Wyandotte cockerel.
Spencer became too aggressive with his girls so he now has a sperate home with his girlfriend Maggy.
Spencer and Maggy have had tons of babies.
we have grown from the those days. We are now raising our own Blue Standard and Black Standard Cochins, Bantam Mottled Cochins, Bantam Barred Rock Cochins and BB Reds.
We of course still have our first 4 girls a Barred Rock, 2 Buff Orphingtons and a New Hampshire Red.
These girls among all of our other girls are now providing farm fresh eggs for us and our customers.
Here is a new picture of the two of them.
Thanks for stopping by!