Day 10

  1. GwynniesHennies
    All our little chickies have now been officially named! Out of 7 Rhode Island Reds, we SEEM to have 2 roosters (Kämpfer and Blotrot) and 5 hens (Belleza, Blasse Eins, Mov, Scarlett, and La Verde Loca). I still can't tell what our little Lavenders (Smoke and Grigio), Jubilees (Ciao and FC), and Polish (Bishop) are going to turn out to be. The Red chicks are 2½ weeks old now, and the smaller chicks are 11 days old. FC is 10 days old, as he/she hatched just hours before I got the lot. 4.22.19 Bishop.jpg 4.22.19 Ciao.jpg 4.22.19 Grigio.jpg 4.22.19 x (4).jpg

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  1. MROO
    "Great Baby Pics!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Apr 23, 2019
    This isn't really an article, per se, but it doesn't really matter, because the pictures are SO DARNED CUTE!


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