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Hi everyone. My Fiance, our McNab Sheppard 'Fish', and me live in northern california, in the heart of the redwood coast on a 300+ acre ranch. Our house is an old farm house with about one acre or so of fenced in yard surrounded by pasture and timberland. I enjoy slow cooking meats, off roading and anything else outdoors. I have an 80 acre ranch in desolate north eastern california that we use as our camping, off roading, and hunting base camp.
Our newest addition is our 3 turkeys...they have no names, or a bunch of names...right now we have Tom, Butterball, and Potpie. they are grwoing fast and are going to make for a great thanksgiving dinner. I already wish i had gotten more, but then we would have waste, or too many. i think i will be getting meat chickens soon. My neighbor on our ranch trades me eggs for one of the birds. we are good friends so we will be sharing thanksgiving dinner anyway. We have two Broad Breasted Whites, and one Bronze. P1010623.jpg