Hens of many colors up here in wine country! So much fun!

My hens have a 15 x 24 foot completely fenced yard, their henhouse, and daily access to about 1/2 acre of my orchard, garden, and compost piles. See new pics below of Wine Country Residence for Wayward Chooks!**
Test hatch a success! Lil' Joe and ladies produced the cute Splash Marans chicks:

And his other offspring by the Blue Cochin, BCM, and EE, only one chick w/out feathered feet!:

New kids in town:

8 John Blehm Ameraucanas and 2 SS from the Feedstore. (Don't let me go in there unprepared again!) All kids coming along nicely!

Wow! Kids grown and most laying:

Happy girls! Such beautiful eggs, I could never have believed it!
** Updates! New batches of babies. Batch #1 FBCM Batch #2 Splash Marans (so stinking cute!)



back to batch #1 as 5.5 weeks old first time in Juvie roost...mama finding it a bit cramped...

Fiona the Smart

Juneau (looks like she belongs in Alaska with all her layers of feathers, says my daughter!)

Color guard...

Such pretty eggs!