Married 40 yrs. to the greatest guy ever ( I know, everyone says that, but it's true). Mom to j, grammy to T and Mamma to 2 Sebrights, Missy (the boss),and Lacey, the adopted, fearful one, Goldie, the Brahman bantie, Taffy, the bantam blue wheaten Amerucana, Miss Muppet, the left for dead, guttsy, barred Polish Fancy, and three new chicks...Cassie, a Polish/Old english game bantam mix, Sammie, a old english game, Brahman mix, whose eggs were adopted by Lacie, the Hatching Mom, and Noirie, a white face black Spanish, bantam cochin mix, whose egg was adopted by Taffy I was raised on a farm, but haven't been around chickens for over 45 yrs.! What a great experience! Love my family and my "girls" (fingers crossed the chicks are girls!).

Been a LONG time since I've updated...I now have 9 did THAT happen? :)
I'm the proud Mom of two little cochin girls, Molly and Maxine, and two Spanish/leghorn mix girls, Trixie Lu and Micky Dee.
My little Lacey finally gave up the struggle for life and she is very missed! But I'm glad I was able to give her a good 2 1/2 years, and she was finally accepted into the flock and even had girls lower on the pecking order than her. She was a very happy camper!