I am a new "Mother Hen" to 6. Two are mine and the rest belong to each member of our family.
We have "Penny", Black Jersy Giant, and "Peep", Light Brahma (they are mine); "Katherine", Partridge Rock, belongs to my youngest son; "Maria", Barred Rock, is my husband's; "Missy", Golden Lace Wyandotte, my oldest son's; and "Ilaine", Americauna, is my daughter's. The Rocks are a little older than the rest. They were hatched on April 26 and the rest on May 3rd.
We are so excited to have finally taken the plunge, but we have much to learn. Here is a picture of our peeps!


Unfortunately we lost the GLW and BJG. It looks like "Peep" is a he now, due to the delayed feathering, pronounced comb and wattles coming through. My BJG replacement might be a he also, due to the stance it takes against Peep. The two go up against one another up high on their legs, neck outstretched and their wings open. Nothing further than that. "Katherine" the PR became overtly agressive when the two new peeps were introduced, but the rest get along with them. So we isolated the PR so that the two new ones can grow with the flock. Katherine is beautiful and has a sweet personality with us, she lets us hold her and stroke her.
Here are 5 of our peeps, including the two replacements, the BJG and GLW. (Notice my "Peep" in the foreground looking more like a he than a she).


And here is my PR, "Katherine", in isolation from the rest. She is our aggressor, especially toward the two replacement chicks. The breeder said that they should all get along well, as they were all hatched at about the same time, only 2 weeks apart. She had better be a she and not a he!

So, here are the girl's(?) today! They are getting big! These pics were shot on July 7, 2011.

Peep is gone, (lower right corner)
Turned out to be a beautiful he! Returned him to the breeder but they didn't have a LB hen to replace him with. They had a Buff Brahma but it had a problem and a Cochin but not sure if it is a he/she...

...and then there were 5.