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    The Dorking is a mellow, docile, friendly breed. Dorkings are one of the oldest breeds of chicken, and were known as early as the Roman Empire. The breed was brought to Britain by the Romans, and is named after an area of England. Dorkings have long, large bodies with short legs. They have five toes and very large combs. Dorkings are very tolerant of cold and are dependable layers of tinted eggs, often pale tan in color, and are also good meat birds. Their recognized colors are white, silver gray, red, and colored. Dorkings are very broody and make great mothers.





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    The top left egg (the more tan in color) is a Dorking egg.​

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  1. summerb123
    mine lay pure white eggs
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  2. hellbender
    I'm quite surprised...(too old to be stunned) to see that at least some Dorking hens lay other than white eggs. It's been my ASSUMPTION, based uopn what I've read in reviews that they were strictly white-egg-layers.

    Had I known that white eggs were not an absolute certainty, I likely would have given them a much harder look in the several years since I first espied them

    I know....all eggs are supposed to taste the same, regardless of color but I'm too old to accept that lol
  3. lizcasee
    I have what I think are silver grey dorking bantams, but they have feathered L'eggs and are not very broody, what could they be crossed with?
  4. ki4got
    And APA recognized color varieties are Rose comb White, Silver Grey, Colored, and Red. The other color varieties may be accepted by other countries as well, so check your area's breed standards to be sure.
  5. ki4got
    My own dorking eggs are more white than tan, with just a *hint* of pinkish tinge. held up to a brown egg they look white, held up to a grocery white egg, they are definitely darker.
    wouldn't have any other breed now, I love my "dorklings". recent pic of my youngsters can be found at they range from 3-13 weeks old.
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