Chicken Breed Info:
Breed Purpose:
Dual Purpose
Comb: Single
Broodiness: Average
Climate Tolerance: All Climates

General Egg Info:
Egg Productivity:
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: White

Breed Temperament:
Friendly,Easily handled,Docile

Breed Colors / Varieties:
Silver-Gray Colored Red White
Breed Details:
Even though above it says that dorkings are single-combed, the White variety has a rose comb. The Dorking has three unusual characteristics. They have five toes instead of the usual four, six points instead of the usual five, and they have hair feathers extending from their thighs. The Dorking also has a bantam counterpart. Dorkings are said to bear confinement well, but my hens prefer to free-range, and Dorkings love to forage. The Dorking is a dual-purpose breed, meaning they can be used for both meat and eggs. The Dorking has white skin, which is the popular color of skin for meat breeds in Europe, and the meat is exceptionally delicious! The Dorking is a beautiful, dignified, ancient part of our history, blessing us with their presence on our farm! The Dorking breed is in the English Class. The following weights are taken from the American Standard of Perfection: Standard Weights: Cock-9 lbs. Cockerel-8 lbs. Hen-7 lbs. Pullet-6 lbs. *Note* I am awaiting pics of Adolescent stage and chick stage Dorkings to put in those sections. Hope it's no problem!