Our Duck Page


We have added to the flock! We went to TSC to pick up some supplies for the chicks and found the tins of animals.
We picked up three little Rouen Ducklings. We converted our 75 gallon fish tank into a brooder. We were having some problems figuring out how to change the set up so I wasnt washing towels 3 times a day due to their water fights. LOL We put some pine pellets on the bottom with two cooling racks from the kitchen to keep them up off the ground. Then a towel at the other end for bedding. Hopefully they can keep their water to one side and not on their bedding. They also seem to be warming up a little more. At the beginning we were worried because they would freak out so bad if we came anywhere near them that they would peep and breathe fast. I thought they were going to have a heart attack. But they are getting better. They had their first pea soup last night and they loved it. We did get a couple of pics of them eating but I cant upload them yet. More to come.​

Our little ones, no names yet.

Our duck brooder

The kitchen cooling racks standing above pine pellets with the water and food feeder on top.

Closer picture of the racks and set-up

The duckling sent outside for the first time today! It was so nice outside I couldn't resist letting them out. They loved the kiddie pool and the leaves and grass. I did find out that they can fit through the holes in my fence though. So I will be putting the run together tomorrow morning so they can be a little safer. Im so glad my dogs are trained! Pics next time.


The ducklings are no longer ducklings. They are officially ducks now. I could only catch one for a pic. I will get pics of them together next time. I thought they were rouens but now I think they are mallards? I dont know, I will have to ask. I also dont think they can fly. They dont try nor when he jumped from my husbands arms did he try. He just plopped onto the ground. Only one quacks, the other two make a different noise.​