Our Chicken Page


Ok, we will start our adventure off from the top. We have recently started our seeds for our garden when I picked up Mother Earth News from Lowes. There was an article featuring chickens and how beneficial they are to your garden. So after much deliberation we decided to get a couple of hens 1. for our garden, 2. for fresh eggs, and 3. for our daughter to raise for 4H. We went to TSC and they didnt have any in, so I looked in one of our local papers and called a local woman. We picked them up on Sunday from a little farm called Windy Farm. The owner explained to me after I got there that "This is a farm. I dont know what they are or when they hatched. They lay both white and brown eggs.". Since I asked her to hold them for me I felt obligated to pick them up. Besides the fact that some of the hens on the property were absolutely beautiful white coloring with greenish(black maybe) tail feathers. I still havent found what breed that is. So we took our little critters home and used a card board box for the brooder.
These are our new chickadees.






So far I have been told that they could all be different color Sex links. I did look this up and it really does fit with all the colorings. Ive also been told that the chipmunk ones are EE's and Buttercups; The black one's Golden Seabright Bantams; and the yellow/red ones RIR. I guess we will have to wait and see because its so hard to tell when they are little. I am amazed at how fast they grow! 7 of the 11 now have tail feathers that they didnt have on Moday (2 days ago). And I am trying to hold each one a little everyday. I pick them up repeatedly and then let them walk off my hand back into the cage. They seem very healthy and two seem to already be acting like roosters and strutting.​


Update with pictures. :) We have recently put the hutch together and brought it inside to act as the brooder. The troop is looking good. Almost all wing feathers are in and back feathers are growing more and more each day. Only two of them will let me hold them without trying to escape.



It is about time for an update! The Chickens are a litle more than 5 weeks old now. They are getting big an with everyones help here I can pretty much tell which are boys and which are girls. However, the breed is another thing. I am going to resubmit in the forum to find out. We have 5 red chicks, 3 white chicks, and 3 black chicks.​




These two pics ^ and v are the same bird. He is my absolut favorite! I'm assuming a boy because he strutts, larger than the other two, and tail feathers are different.
His comb hosever has me puzzled because it is small like the other female birds. It looks like two combs in one. Sorry I have no pic of it. I will try and get one.