Easter Eggers Golden By Chicken Frenzie

By Chicken Frenzie · Jan 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Chicken Frenzie

    Easter Eggers
    Golden Created by Chicken Frenzie
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    Most of the time, you don't get an Ameraucana, but an Easter Egger. Easter Eggers are sweet, cheerful, and beautiful chickens. They can be many varieties of colors- and usually have a peacomb. These chickens can lay green,blue,olive, brown, or pink eggs. I have two easter eggers right now, and I love them!





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    This is Bell'e, my oldest Easter Egger.​

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  1. Orp
    Got my first blue egg on Feb 15, 2012. The next one followed on Mar 6th then Mar 8th. Pretty steady through the summer. My six have dwindled to two due to raccoons and fox so I purchased 8 more chicks, Americauna this time. They have been growing rapidly and I'm anxious to see what eggs they will bring.
  2. Chicken Frenzie
    Ahh whoops, wrong answer. Actually, my chickens lay in the winter.
  3. Chicken Frenzie
    Actually, I've gotten eggs at about 7-8 months
  4. thompsonfarm
    they are probably more than 2 years old...
  5. Orp
    Love your pictures! I bought 6 EE's last November that are 2 years old but, much to my dismay, I have yet to see any eggs. I'm assuming that they do not lay in winter. Is that your experience as well?
  6. Twiggers96
    She's beautiful!
    I've got two 5 week olds that look like they will turn out with this coloring.

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