Mahonri's 2nd Annual Easter Hatch
Week #3 Contest
Rooster Crowing!

(Winner gets a colorful, solar-powered "stained glass" look Rooster for the yard.)
Post your picture of a rooster crowing. (Note: Winner of the last Rooster Crowing Contest (NY Hatch) must come up with a different photo (if participating this time) but other NYD Hatch entries can be re-submitted for everybody's enjoyment and competition.) This photo must be a REAL rooster, no photoshopping, no images taken from commercial and/or professional sites, can belong to the entrant OR a friend, family member or other live person who gives you permission to use the photo. We want BYC roosters, y'hear? If you don't have a rooster, ask a friend or neighbor WITH a rooster if you can take pictures ... Or if they have a bona-fide rooster crowing photo to lend you. Roosters may be living or memorialized.

Prize: a solar-powered Rooster yard ornament. Really cute in a cheesy sort of way. (After all, real roosters don't glow at night... [unless they're in Japan --SCG])

Here's a photo of one of my roosters crowing, just for a sample:

Here are the entries:

Entry #1

Entry #2 WINNER!!!

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7

Entry #8

Entry #9 Honorable Mention!

Entry #10

Judging will be completed and winner announced Saturday evening, April 30th.