Edgar Allan Crow & Darles Chickens

  1. HomesteaderWife

    • Names -

    Edgar Allan Crow and Darles Chickens ("The Authors")
    • Breed -

    Golden Polish
    • Ages -

    About five months
    • Where you got them -

    Someone had to give them away because they were both roosters, and they were in the city limits. We needed a rooster or two here, so it worked out perfectly!
    • Favorite treats, funny stories, their personalities, what you love most about them, etc. -

    Edgar and Darles really enjoy leftover veggies, but I have a feeling they will definitely be happy their first Spring here as the garden begins to put on. We love sharing fresh produce with the chickens! Currently, our funny story is their reaction to our broody hen when she gets off her nest. They try to flirt with her like the rest of the hens, and she just won't have it! She puffs her neck feathers up and charges at them, which sends them running the other direction quickly.
    They both have great, but separate personalities. Edgar is louder, bolder, and very watchful of his girls. Darles is more reserved and easier to handle, and normally just follows Edgar around and does whatever he does! I really loved them at first sight, because years ago I had a Tolbunt Polish and I just learned to appreciate and get along with Polish roosters through him. I also felt so bad that the individual had to get rid of them because they were males. When we first picked them up, they were so shy but attentive to everything you said or did. They've matured into sweet little guys, and I enjoy their personalities and the way they look out for the hens. PLUS- it's nice to have some fertile eggs under our broody hen now!

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  1. JaeG
    Love the names! The polish roos are so cute with their punk hairstyles. I bet those chicks are going to be gorgeous too.
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  2. TwoCrows
    Adorable! :)
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  3. N F C
    Love the names and such handsome guys...thanks for sharing them with us!
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