Egg in a Nest

This recipe is a family favorite, which coming from a large and picky family is a miracle! And now, I will share with you the secrets of making this simple but delicious breakfast that you can cook in just five minutes!

-Salt and pepper (or another seasoning of your choice)
-Honey (optional)

1. Heat up a griddle or a large pan. I like using my griddle because I can fit several at once on it. I never grease it, but you can if you want.

2. Evenly butter one side of a slice of bread.

3. Make a hole in the bread by using the top of a circular cup. The top of my cups are about three inches across. Gently push the cup, face down, into the center of the bread. Spin the cup in circles until the middle comes lose. Take out but keep the middle.


4. Place the bread (and the middle piece) butter-side down on the grill. Immediately after, crack an egg into the hole. You can use bantam or standard sized eggs.


5. Sprinkle egg with salt and pepper and cook like you would a normal fried egg. Make sure to pop the yolk.

6. After both sides of the egg are cooked, flip off the grill and onto a plate (middle piece included). I like to put honey on my toast.

7. Eat and enjoy!

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I keep chickens, pigeons, cats, bees, and a rabbit!

I love nature and am working on becoming more self sufficient. I also love using my chicken knowledge to help other people!

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