Elizabeth The Queen Of The Wyandottes

By CedarCluck · Sep 3, 2012 · ·
  1. CedarCluck
    When I started raising chickens, I started with three: a polish and two silver laced wyandottes. I lost one of my two SLW to a hawk however, and it has left me with only one. Her name is Elizabeth, and she acts like a queen.


    She is a bit skittish, but each day she warms up to people more and more. I try and socialize all of my animals as much as possible as I want them all to be people friendly, and my chickens are no exception. I bring people over every chance I get to show them off. And Elizabeth takes every opportunity to be seen. She is rather flashy. I don't clip their flight feathers due to the hawk that got Elizabeth's sister. If she hadn't had her flight feathers she wouldn't have been able to jump the fence and hide in my neighbors bushes. So everyday she makes a grand entrance by flying out of their run into the yard flapping her wings wide for everyone to see.


    She also has started perching next to your shoulders. The other day I was sitting in my yard swing when she hopped up on the swing and pecked at my hair. And then she did it yesterday to my sister-in-law who she'd never even met yesterday.

    (her sister is there behind her)

    Its very obvious that she misses her sister though. The two of them went everywhere together, and if one of them meandered too far away then the other would lift her head in the air and cry out for the other. At night they would sleep snuggled together funny enough in the nesting box and not on the perch. Though she has started to bond with my new RIR pullet I brought home, it still obvious that she's not the same. But she is still
    the queen of the coop, at least in her mind she is haha.

    Elizabeth, Queen of the Wyandottes:


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  1. itsthelaw37801
    She is very pretty. Hawks are awful.
  2. ZaksGarden
    Beautiful bird, hate to hear she lost her sister!

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