Eloise And Abelard Alex And Pope

By lesliedow · Dec 30, 2012 · ·
  1. lesliedow
    This is a case of bad naming, just not in the way I planned.

    All 4 birds are lovely Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks that I bought from BYC'er Shannon from DieFly Ranch. We thought that Abelard was a badly named pullet, but she..er..he ended up being correctly named. Poor Eloise, he is a badly named roo. 8)

    (Eloise, giving me the stinkeye. I am of course untrustworthy)

    Eloise makes up for his "Sue-class" name by being the biggest, toughest roo on the block.

    Here is he is pushing everyone off the delicious Xmas leftovers and diving in. YEEE HAAAA!


    Anyway, since I had two roos, I needed two hens. A clear case of chicken math. Thus, I obtained Alex and Pope. Yes, I am a sucker for bad literary references. They are darlings and just two months old. Keeping my fingers crossed that they are both hens!


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