Treehaus Chicken Run

By lesliedow · Oct 8, 2012 · Updated Oct 8, 2012 ·
  1. lesliedow
    We are pretty new to this whole chicken-thing. But we have 6 adolescent chicks that a few days ago staged a re-enactment of Chicken Run!

    That's Peregin Chicken perched there, undecided, on the edge of her brooder. She's call Peregrin Chicken because she likes to sit on my son's shoulder. He has delusions of claymore-bearing, sweaty, leather-clad, Medieval Barons hawking... with chickens. Anyway, I digress...the Chicken Run.

    I had to change the nasty bedding in the brooder...for the third time that day....because they insist on dumping the waterer. No, I have no idea how. That was how I decided this must be a CHICKEN RUN! [​IMG]


    So, while Peregrin Chicken perches nervously on the edge of the brooder...a lookout, I am certain. Red, Baby White (aka the flyer) and her egg-mate, Grumpy Black, made a dash for the glass door.

    Uh huh.


    Yep, they totally missed the Kyra, the chicken dog, guarding the door.
    Which was not open, in any event.
    Ah well.
    After all, they are... chickens.


    But the afternoon, and escape attempt, was not totally in vain. What is that I see? I think Red's found a tasty ant on the floor.

    Our next adventure.....Grumpy black snarls at Kyra, the Chicken dog! My money's on Grumpy-- Kyra's a wimp.

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