April 26.I worked today.It rained all nite and all the fields seemed to turn green like magic.The trees are leaving out and my chickens are enjoying scratching and sunbathing.The field on the west of my land and directly behind me are starting to grow weeds.The soil hasn't been worked which is a sad reminder that the farmer on the back 40 shot himself before easter.I wish he was here working,I don't know why he was so unhappy.If he would have waited a tad bit longer things would have brightened up and he would have seen that sad thoughts pass.My Dad always would tell me"This too shall pass".I think about him alot as I ride my bike runnning my dogs.We travel all over the 8miles around my house,which is in the center of all the fields he owned and worked.HIs barns are quiet and the tractors have not been started.His house so lonely a foot print from many years ago.He told me last spring how his family had walked up from the big city over a hundred years ago and bought the land with the silver in their pockets and began a new life.I will ride and take time to enjoy that which I know he enjoyed at one time as he worked.I will keep his memory here it is his land.