My favorite season.I actually feel we are getting our indian summer now,we had a rather cold summer,which was ok wiith me.The kids are back at school.I see the buses on the roads as I ride my bike with the dogs.I finally have a new computer and got rid of my dial up.I hope to make my own web page now.Kellie's Korner Farm Yard Dogs and Yard Birds.The chickens are doing well,I have about 60 now.My incubator is going to rest for the remaider of the year.My hatch rate has been very bad,not sure what is going on.I think it is God's way of letting me know I need to enjoy the one's that I have.And I can finally upload pix,although I am having abit of trouble doing that on this forum.THe yard was mowed yesterday and looks good.My compost pile is getting really ripe,I think I need to start putting it under my trees for the winter.I will take pix today on my bike ride and hopefully get some posted.