Equipment List

Equipment and emergency list
  1. LynneP
    Equipment and Emergency List

    This is what I've accumulated so far, the hens are now 20 months old-

    Brooder Lamp with extra infrared bulb (250 W to start, then 175W)
    Timer for light set to go on at 4 am
    electric heated dog bowl up on patio block supported by cinder blocks
    medium-sized wire dog crate for isolation/treatment
    various feeders
    and grit/oyster shell dispensers
    Scraper for roosts
    catch bucket for manure
    , electrolytes with/without antibiotics
    several bales of wood shavings
    food-grade Diatomaceous Earth
    (DE), Stable Boy for ammonia
    anti-pick lotion
    powder (rotenone and sulfur) haven't used but I keep it for emergency
    Super Booster powder

    Wound powder, available at tack shops
    antibiotic eye drops
    various bandages
    alcohol wipes
    protective gloves
    bag balm
    Preparation H

    Pure aspirin (FIVE 325 mg aspirins crushed per gallon of water for pain, when bird not bleeding significantly) ( or use one low dose aspiron (81 mg crushed in less than 1 quart water)

    I'll add to this as situations arise.

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  1. kimmie6067
    How about calcium when a hen is egg bound?

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