We are very new to raising any type of poultry. We have finished our first attempt at a house for ducks.
Please see my "Duck House" page for a couple pics.
Here are a couple pictures of the six ducks we got from Meyer Hatchery on 3-2-11.
We got 2 females of each; Cayuga, Blue Swedish, and Welsh Harlequin.

After 2 weeks they seemed to have nearly quadrupled in size.

At around 3 weeks of age and starting to develop some feathers.

Here is a later picture taken within the last few days. We did add 2 Rouens.

I just placed an order for ducklings from Holderreads Waterfowl Farm to be delivered in June.
I hope to get: Dutch Hookbills, Saxony, Magpie, more Cayuga, and more Welsh Harlequin. Duck math is killing me.

Update 6-18-11
We got the Holderread ducklings - see the 'Holderread Ducklings' page