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By razmond, Jan 11, 2012 | |
  1. razmond
    Table of Contents
    The Story
    The Process
    The Water System
    Family Photos

    Rain City Coop Expenses
    Red Paint (gal goof) ....didn't use so took it out of the total
    $4.00 Building Materials$40.62

    CraigsList Lumber



    Industrial Pallet $0.00 Feed $17.78
    Re-Store Window

    Concrete Blocks
    Feeder galvanized
    Feeder top (spaghetti jar at home)
    Tax $6.61
    Waterer jar
    Waterer base plastic
    Chicken Layer Pullet Standard (x4)
    Poultry chicken starter 25#
    Poulty chicken scratch 25#
    Lamp & light (used outdoor spot w/ my broken touch lamp)
    Craigslist Door
    Trade show display wall panels
    Re-Store Pipe to make into a feeder
    Nipple waterers and piping
    Recycled glass panels (x4)
    Roof hinge (3 pak)
    2x4x8s (x8)
    Re-Store Linoleum
    Re-Store Metal screens
    Re-Store Nails/screws/tacks
    Silicone $5.89

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