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[FONT=verdana,geneva]Here's the info for my waterer copied directly and supplied by Uncle Neil . This was a most excellent (and inexpensive) investment. Neil provided everything that I needed and was patient and quite expedient. I had the PVC glue (approx$4) and teflon tape (approx $1) on hand from previous DIY projects. New/not on hand materials were about $8. Those items were:[/FONT]
  • Threaded nipple drinker (x1)
  • PVC bushing 1/2"slip x 1/4" (x1)
  • PVC elbow 1/2" 45 degree (x2)
  • PVC female adapter 1/2" (x1)
  • Barb 1/4"x1/2" (x1)
  • Click mount 1/2" with screw (x2)
  • Black reinforced hose (4')
[FONT=verdana,geneva]I followed his diagram, deciphering the scale, and made my PVC pipe about 14" long. To connect the 2-45 degree elbows, I used a small piece of PVC pipe. Teflon taped anything that had a thread. I drilled a hole with 11/32 bit in the bottom of a 5 gallon Costco laundry soap bucket and shoved the 1/4" black reinforced hose through. Snug fit. No leaks. Here are the materials needed with a copy of the photo as my guide.

I tried to show Grace how it worked... but she's definitely a blond. Here is Esther checking things out for herself...Kevin is watching her closely. Success! I was worried that they wouldn't figure it out...being a first time parent....but they did.