On Nov 1 the chickens moved from their movable coop/tractor into an indoor space. I still have some work to do to completely winterize it, but they are dry and comfortable. Here's some pics....

[FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]I know there is not a lot of outside space, but I am saving lots of leaves (see the first pic) so that I can add to the run for a while anyways throughout the fall/winter. Also, the kiddie pool in the middle of the pen has soil and leaves on top of it. I put the gravel in there. They love to scratch in it (see the leaves flung all over the coop). When the weather outside is nasty, it will be an alternative scratching spot for them. This week we are having some warm sunny days (after about 3 weeks of damp, cold, miserable rainy weather that prompted my speeding up the indoor winter quarters process), so they have been out a fair bit and are finally getting used to that tunnel (took a couple of days). [/FONT]