Fancy Our Handi Capable Hen

By kkourie · Oct 27, 2012 · Updated Oct 27, 2012 · ·
  1. kkourie
    Fancy and her 14 sisters arrived via airmail about 18 months ago. She was a bit gimpy, always kept to herself but managed to get around ok. Once she got to egg laying age, she stayed mostly in the nest box, rarely came out even to feed. The girls started pecking at her, surrounding her and it was brutal. I brought her into the house to feed her, boost her strength, thinking she could rejoin them at a later date. She's been living in my bedroom in her own chicken condo for a year now. She will never rejoin the flock, they still attack her whenever they see her. She's now our lap chicken and an ambassador at festivals where my daughter advertises her expertise as an oncology esthetician. People see her, come over to pet her, giving them an opportunity to hear how Kerry and her healing hands help restore cancer survivors through her healing touch. Fancy can stand but gets around by combination of flapping her wings and taking a few steps. She talks to me whenever I walk by and I can't resist picking her up, putting in her in lap. The puppies and my grand daughter join in and before you know it, I'm surrounded by cuddlers.

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  1. itsthelaw37801
    That is too sweet.
  2. drumstick diva
    what a sweetheart!

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