Kourie Family Chickens


Our 15 hatchery choice heavy brown egg layers arrived 4/5/11. We had no idea what they sent but they were very cute!

Hearing we had a brooder full of 11 day old chicks, a friend brought over a blind baby Road Island Red chick that someone had rejected from their shipment. She named her Helen (for Helen Keller)
Helen had no survival skills. She never pecked for food or water. We fed her vitamin water with ground chicken crumbs with an eye dropper every couple of hours. She did attempt to cuddle with her sisters. The older girls were curious and I was hopeful one or more would bond with her.

Unfortunately, after 3 days, Helen died while we were feeding her. We probably overfed her. It was so hard to tell when to stop. She opened her mouth and did drink and we kept offering. She had to be dehydrated from the hot lights and time between feedings. I feel that if she had attempted to find food on her own, she would have had a better chance of survival. What a hard world she was born into! She did touch the hearts of all who knew her, who held her, and who met her through Facebook. We all learned something from her.

We have 2 yellow chicks. I thought they were leghorns but they are white egg layers so maybe not. My grand daughter, Scarlett named this one "Rainbow". Strange name for a single color chick but, ok! This one is very curious, always greets people who are peeking in. Will follow taps on the glass.
Scarlett has named this one Fancy. She loves holding them and has a wonderful way with the chicks. She's very gentle with them. They trust her, perch on her arm, snuggle with her and fall asleep on her lap. She was a big help to my husband and me in the vegetable garden last year. We thought she'd really love learning about chickens, watching them grow, gathering eggs, playing in the yard while they free range. Hopefully she will have a healthy respect for all living things. Knowing the effort that goes into growing vegetables from seed, watering, weeding, harvesting, cooking, sharing meals with family and friends. Bringing that further with raising the chicks from 3 day old babes, changing their water, keeping them fed, cleaning the coop, gathering eggs, helping to build their coop and run will also instill appreciation for where our food comes from and that all life is precious.

Check out our Youtube video of the girls playing with their Chicken Mobile DH made.