FATHERFORD's horse stall coop

FATHERFORD's Horse Stall Chicken Coop
By FATHERFORD · Mar 19, 2018 · ·
    An old south facing horse start in my bar I turned into a chicken coop.

    Adding dirt to the horse stall to raise it up 6". The barn flooded during the "1000 year" flood we had here in Houston.
    chickencoop01.jpg chickencoop02.jpg

    Started adding the structured walls around the coop. Also preparing to put a deck/ceiling on top for storage. chickencoop03.jpg

    Framing up the outside south wall on 24" centers to put up hardware cloth. chickencoop04.jpg

    Installed the hardware cloth and made a door frame for the chickens. chickencoop05.jpg chickencoop06.jpg

    All trimmed out with fencing pickets. We added some at the bottom to keep the strong south wind from blowing the shavings around. chickencoop07.jpg chickencoop08.jpg

    Current roost bar installed on 12" centers away from each other. You can see the ceiling/deck almost finished in this picture as well. Each roost is 12' long.

    The 9 nest boxes I built. Filled them with wood chips and Easter eggs and the chickens took right took them instantly, before the coop was even ready for them! chickencoop10.jpg chickencoop11.jpg

    Framed up the door and built it with some cedar picket fences. Came out way better then I hoped. chickencoop12.jpg chickencoop13.jpg

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  1. BReeder!
    "I love repurposing an old structure"
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 21, 2019
    Well done. I too repurposed an old structure for chickens. Mine was a shred that was in our yard when we bought the house. I like what you have come with an old horse stall. Looks great!


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  1. Whittni
  2. TwinsLoveChicks
    Wonderful Coop!
  3. casportpony
    Looks great!
  4. N F C
    That's looking really good! How nice to have a good-sized stall to convert. Hope to see an update when you're done, keep up the good work!
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