First Coop A Frame Tractor

By Euphillia · Jul 25, 2012 · ·
  1. Euphillia
    We finally managed to get our pile of scrap wood turned into something useful! We spent only around $100 for hardware and paint to get this done. The wood hubby got from work, we even got the linoleum for free from a left over bathroom project my mom did.

    This was 2 shipping pallets and some scrap particle board. Very tough to tear apart, but husband did it without ruining too much.

    The frame was 8 foot long by 4 ft wide. 5 ft Tall.

    We made the actual house part 4ft long(so half the tractor length) and about 4ft. So we have approx 16 sq feet for the 4 chickens. We brought it off the ground about 14 inches. Waned to make sure they had plenty of shade under the house. This gives 24 square feet of outdoor space.

    With the roof, we are using the door as the ramp. The top corners of roof were left open for ventilation.

    Nest box is about 16inches front to back and 20 inches long. The boards are not air tight which gives some flow to the box as well.

    We stained the wood and put a door on the front. Also a flip up style on the roof for cleaning. Used hardware cloth to close it in. (That stuff..grrrr)


    We added the stepping posts to the ramp/door and decided on a simple pull system to bring it up. Just use some eye hooks and some parachute cord brought through the top with a wood handle. Added the wheels(really needs bigger ones) and haven't put handles on it yet. For the roof we just got some outdoor paint for now. We couldn't find any shingles at a decent price second hand, so this will work for now. Chances are we will have to replace the roof at some point anyways.

    This is in our 1000+ sq foot garden. We left this space unplanted for the chickens. We let them out for about 4 hours every day and they pick weeds and bugs and leave fertilizer all over the garden. ;)

    Not too bad I think for using scrap wood!

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  1. bigchris
    nice! id like to build somthing like this for my quail.
  2. tlcmama
  3. Euphillia
    Thanks everybody!! I have a new love for scrap wood!
  4. TexasLady
    I never thought of indoor/outdoor. I have a coop that is a tractor too. I might just use that idea. Thanks!
    Nice coop. Looks like your chickens have shelter from the weather. That's great!
  5. paridisefarm2009
  6. Allton
    I like your coop... small, simple !
  7. The Old Yolks
    I love when people create beautiful things out of product others call "scrap". You did a wonderful job. I love it!

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