[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]The Hatching Eggs arrived 3-10-2010.
9 Sizzle (Frizzle-Silkie) Eggs from Slow Creek Farms
3 Porcelain d'Uccles, 3 Mille Fleur d'Uccles & 2 Blue Ameraucanas from MPC

They're here!
Hatching Notes:
1. Using a Thermal Still Air Hovabator Incubator
2. 3 Thermometers to verify Temperature and a Hygrometer.
3. Added flat rocks and 2 filled water bottles to maintain temperature after turning eggs.
4. Set the Incubator on a Seed germinating mat for consistent temperature.
5. Let the eggs sit small end down overnight to rest from shipping before incubating.
6. Numbered all the eggs to keep track plus used x and o to monitor rotation.
3-13-10 Day 3 -- Temp steady at 99-100, 101 on top of the eggs. Humidity at 40-50%.
Egg Number 3 (Frizzle) has looked a little porous since it arrived. I've been concerned about this egg, and have been watching it. I've been turning the eggs 3x per day, between 7 and 9 hours apart. I can't wait to candle and see if something is developing!This one hatched 3/31! Blue Sizzle/Frizzle.

3-29-10 -- Day 19 -- This is so much more challenging than I expected! Candling was really cool! I could see the veining in some of the eggs and movement!!!! A strong LED flashlight used in a dark room worked great. At Day 18, I had to discard 8 of the 17 eggs because they were clear. 9 eggs left.

I went away for the week-end and the "kids" were watching(?) the bator. The temp went up to 103! Oh no... are the babies cooked?!
Went into lockdown on Sunday night after I added way too much water to the incubator!!!! and the humidity went up to 83%! Oh no! Did I drown the babies?
I removed most of the water with a turkey baster and the humidity (after 24 hours) is just now down to 71%. I removed the red vent plugs on the bator to help lower the humidity, but I'm still trying to get it a little lower. Now the temp has been at 96-98 degrees. It's been a struggle and I'm concerned whether any of the chicks will actually survive our first hatch "learning" experience! I really hope so! Only a few days to go!

3-30-10 / 5:00 a.m. -- First PIP! how exciting
6:00 p.m. Second PIP -- 8:30 p.m. First Pipped egg Zipped
10:00 p.m. 1st Egg HATCHED!


How exciting -- We have a brand new baby Bantam Mille Fleur d'Uccle!!! Meet Millie! (or is it Maxwell?)

Hopefully more chicks to follow!

3-31-10 8:00 a.m. 2 Blue Ameraucanas pipped
2nd d'uccle zipping, and 1 Frizzle pipped.
It's going to be an exciting hatching day. The kids have chick "fever" and don't want to go to school!

2nd Mille Fleur d'uccle hatched in the morning.

1st Sizzle/Frizzle Chick (just hatched, wet and then dry and fluffy) Beutiful lavender!
2nd sizzle was black, ended up being a blue.

2 Blue Ameraucanas hatched!
1st was Yellow (splash?)
2nd was Blue/Black!
4-1-10 -- April Fool's Day!
1 more baby this morning! Another Blue sizzle/frizzle
The last 2 eggs aren't pipping or moving. They may not make it but I'm going to give them another day.
7 hatched out of 9 viable of original 17 eggs.

4-3-10 The last 2 eggs never hatched... we opened them up and there were 2 developed sizzle chicks in there! a lavender and a blue. So sad... but at least we have 7 beautiful new additions and we're very happy about that...
Meet the new family!

Gracie and Macy -- our 2 Blue(?!) Ameraucanas.
They look more like salt and pepper!


This is Millie and Maxwell (Maxine?), the 2 Belgian Bantam Mille Fleur D'Uccles -- aren't they cute!

and our Sizzle Frizzle Silkies... Crystal Ice (on right), Sierra Mist and Fluff Bucket. Crystal Ice is my favorite! She's gorgeous! and kind of named after my daughter's soccer team (Blue Ice)

Enjoying a few minute of sun before it's back to the brooder
Have a Happy Easter everyone!
4-15-10 The Chicks are 2 weeks old! They're doing great and eating tons of chick starter!The temperature is now lowered to the 80's, and a red heat lamp keeps them warm. They're feathering out beautifully.
Now we're trying to guess which ones are roos and which ones are hens!



Crystal Ice is in the middle! She's a lavender frizzle! and my favorite!

Millie and Maxwell are the Belgian d'Uccles. They love perching on our fingers! ... so friendly!​