Hello everyone! My name is sophie and this article is about my first time owning chicks. well,It's not about owning them it's about building the coop for now. I am not getting the chicks until the spring of 2017, but my mom and dad asked me and my sister, @elpaint03 to design the coop! So that will keep us busy until we start building the coop this fall/winter.

I will keep adding posts until the chicks arrive and the I will start a new article about keeping them and raising them. I hope you enjoy this article and I will now start actually posting stuff!


Here is the basic idea of what the coop is going to look like. My mom wants it (both the coop and run) to be tall enough so my dad and mom can walk into it with out crouching down. We are building it against a tree so they will always have some shade and sun at the same time!

I don't really know how much room each chicken would have, so I kinda guess around 9-10 sq-ft for each bird (6) plus a little extra here and there. That's it for now, I will keep you posted on our coop design/build.


okay, I laid out an actual outline of our coop, my dad brought home a bunch of 2x8s and 2x10s home along with some shorter pieces. The measurements are 24' long and in this picture the bottom part is 6'. This is for the run by the way, the coop is 6' wide and 10' long

It looks smaller in the picture. Keep that in mind. In this next picture you see a bunch of brush by the tree, we are going to clean that out so the chickens can have extra run space.

With extra run space the measurements are 24' long, and on the left side it's like, 16'. This last picture is just a different angle on it, also to keep in mind we are building it off of the white shed.

sooo i made some different measurements... in the second picture, on the left side, it is now 24' instead of 16' and run i expanded out 2'. pictures will be posted soon!