We've been planning this coop for a while now, and it finally happened! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

We started it about two weeks ago, but haven't been able to work on it because of all the rain we have been getting! It was crazy! We got the four main posts up with concert in the ground, and the basic layout of the coop

Waiting a couple more days until it got dry enough and stopped raining, we got the floor put in! Apparently I deleted the flooring picture! Grrrr.... you'll see it soon enough.

Aaaaand waiting a week 1/2 for the rain to stop pouring down on us and to try to dry up, we finally got the one day we were looking for....complete sunshine, no wind, 60 degrees, perfect! (For us anyway) here is what we accomplished:

(There's the floor!) the wood went up onto the "roof". We had to make it slanted because here in Michigan where I live, we get a lot of rain, snow, leaves, you name it!

Next we work on getting the window put in. I actually planned on having two windows, but these were so big, we didn't need (or have room) two!

(Notice my nerd of a sister posing in a lot of these pics...)

Putting the walls up...that's me in the dark green sweatshirt and ponytail....

Meanwhile, it is still supremely muddy and slippery and well, me being me I slip in it. And yes. Those are chicken rain boots...

Next we work on the front of the coop. See that little block off room in the coop? That's going to hold feed, supplies ect. And maybe a chair for me lol. (Again my lovely modeling sister sees the camera)

Build a chicken and human entrance to the coop, building more of a wall, cutting off extra limbs...

The roof goes up next! We have had this old metal sheets just sitting around and they turned out to be really useful (and it looked super cool I think!) to use as siding and for a roof.

Meanwhile the boys are working on that, us extra helpers work on putting out posts for the run and cleaning out a leaf-filled, rock-filled, muddy area. (Trust me, the muddy, leaf place looked WAY worse before this!)

Digging into the ground so we can put chicken wire down there (we have foxes and possum around..)

The boys finished with the siding, and now a door (that will be painted) goes up!

And that basically wraps up that day, we still need to paint some things, put chicken wire in, make nesting boxes, roosts, but we have about 5 more weeks to work on it. Here are some pics of the inside(sorry, it's muddy)

When you walk away through the door you see this...There will be two shelves where the food and stuff will go...

And when you turn to your left you see this...

Hope you've enjoyed, I'll post updates as they come :)