Five Weeks into our Chicken Adventure. June 10,2011
Where there were Six, now there are Eight!
Our two Heritage Dominiques joined us last saturday. They are sweet!
They fit right in with our other chickens. Today I cleaned out the brooder
washing the flooring with water/vinegar solution. I made a 2x4 training roost!
I found a piece just right for the brooder's length and hammered (Yikes, it was hard!)
blocks on the bottom for braces. They love it! Now they all can roost at the same time.
Things that we have learned, things that surprised us
1. We love them. I knew I wanted laying hens, but I didnt realize how each one has
a personality and that i would love them so much.
2. They have BIG FEET! ANd those feet are scary! Like freaky nightmare monster hands!
And... the feet feel cool and almost human when they touch my skin!
3. Their facial expressions look "pissed off" sometimes! I imagned my hens
being very calm and happy. They look like mad eagles sometimes....
(Are they ROOSTERS!)
4. I am rooster-ID obsessed!! I want all hens. I do not want to have to figure out how to
kill and dress and cook a rooster! I will come to the forum for advice.... when/if the roosters
reveal themselves!