Week Five - And a New Bit of Scenery!
The babies were complaining about their cramped quarters, and (of course) we I don't have the coop built yet, so I searched for another alternative. Turns out that my darling man has a 1980s Dodge Ram in the backyard with a cap. He gave me the go-ahead - it's on the list to be rehomed - so I got to work on some modifications. The cap has a few pinholes in the roof where the rain comes in, so it's now covered with an ugly blue tarp. Hey - it's cheap!

Darling man had some old anti-static mats from a former job that he was already using for a bedliner, so the shavings went conveniently on top of those. The windows didn't have any screening on them, so I used some 1/4 inch landscape fabric that I zip-tied to some wood shelving ends that we inherited with the house. It works!!!
The food bin is up on a couple of pieces of 4x4 scrap and the waterer is similarly perched. I've put an extra shelf "ladder" on additional pieces of 4x4 scrap in case they want to start roosting or perching. (They mostly use it as a piece of playground equipment!!!)

My girls are getting so very pretty!!!
Einar, the "big cockeral" surrounded by some of the ladies. He and Sam are getting their wattles in - at first I thought they were injuries...red spots on their faces. Then I figured it out. (Blonde moments all the time!!!)