Flashy Ember

By HeavensHens88 · Apr 15, 2017 · Updated Apr 16, 2017 · ·
  1. HeavensHens88
    This is Ember, my year-old Belgian D'anvers rooster. He was a completely impromptu rescue, along with Scorch and Firestar.
    As these pictures portray, he is quite the active little fellow- this was a photo shoot that spanned maybe 8 minutes....

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    Wow. That happened. Anyhow, I think it is so strange he is a therapy chicken. Mine is an attack chicken.
  2. Woytgirl
    I loved the part where you hit him with your purse.
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  3. Woytgirl
    Awesome article:lau
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  4. CP Chicken
    This is crazy awesome. I seriously wish I had as much confidence as you have around people, let alone a total stranger! :hmm

    I'm so jealous now, your rooster seems to be quite a special little guy and he's a therapy chicken too??? Wow.... :bow
    1. HeavensHens88
      Trust me, having excessive audacity is not the best thing in the world. :oops:
      There're sometimes I wish I was too shy to do crazy stuff like this. :lol:

      :p He is pretty cool.
      Yeah, he goes to our local nursing homes and wears a chicken diaper. Everybody loves him because of his muff! :lau
  5. Flufferes
    Wait, so you slapped an Italian with your purse? This is tooooo good :hmm:lau
    1. HeavensHens88
      Ask Mom- everything written here is absolutely true. :cool:
      I really don't like being called little girl. :mad:
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  6. Flufferes
    Wait- This actually happened!? :lol: Saeah, this story is awesome. I love this XD
    1. HeavensHens88
      There is not a single lie in any part of any paragraph. :p
      You wouldn't believe how much humor Mom takes in telling her friends. :lau
  7. CuzChickens
    Wow, Girl, I would not have gotten out of the car and confronted a random guy in the first place, but hit him with your purse!?!? I admire you even more now. *bows at feet
    1. HeavensHens88
      :lol: I honestly don't know where I get the audacity to do such things.
      Trust me, my brazeness has resulted in bad things- this is one of the few times something actually worked out in my favor.
      I'd rather be someone to stand on the sidelines any day. ;)
  8. The Angry Hen
    I LOVE the story!!!!!!!!!
  9. The Angry Hen
    The way you took the pictures it looks like he is on a mission, Cute!
    1. HeavensHens88
      Thanks! Most often, he IS on a mission-
      A mission to track down where I hid the goose feed this time. :rolleyes:
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    2. The Angry Hen
      That's so cute!! :)
  10. penny1960
    What a great story thanks for sharing the story one might not believe
    told second hand.. i will not be the one to repeat it :>]
  11. chcikenlady
    He is a pretty thing!
  12. MissNutmeg
    He looks like a sweet guy! So cute!!!!
  13. PeepersMama

  14. BantyChooks
  15. HeavensHens88
    I think I'm going to add the Purse Punch to the actual article..... XD
  16. Bills vs Beaks
    Thank you!!
    Best part was the "bantams make a terrible dinner" :rotfl
  17. Bills vs Beaks
    X2!! You cant say something like that and expect people not to ask!! Spill it sister!
  18. BantyChooks
    Uh, I know you said not to, but I can't help it... Why on earth were you hitting someone with your purse?
  19. chicken4prez
  20. HeavensHens88
    Thanks, Lily!!!
    I'm not done uploading all the pictures yet- I still have like 20 more! LOL
  21. chicken4prez
    He's so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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