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Asked by happyhensny - June 29th, 2009
I just introduced 7 pullets & a 1 roo to my existing flock of 12 - 1 yr old hens. They have always had neighboring coops with the runs next to each other. They seem to be establishing a pecking order, especially at night. I installed a new "night" roost so the new ones could go somewhere separate but in the same coop. Anything else I could do to alleviate the bickering?
There are many ways to calm the fighting when new birds are introduced. Some members give them things to scratch and pick at, like hanging a cabbage head for the chickens to jump and peck at. You could give them more roosts, or things to jump/play on, but in the long run, they will establish a pecking order no matter what you do. I would make sure they have ample access to water and food to make sure everyone gets to it, and keep a close eye out for anyone getting picked on.
Great Question!
Asked by Crickett - June 29, 2009
I have a mixed flock. Ducks, chickens, and 1 gosling. I also have a small flock of turkey poults (five of them). Currently the turkeys are seperate from the rest, but I really need to get them out of the brooder. Can they go in the coop with the others, or do I need to make them a seperate "turkey pad"? Also, the others free range all day, if the turkeys go with them will they run away?
There are alot of conflicting opinions on turkey/chicken housing, but the bottom line is that Blackhead can spread from chickens (who dont show any symptoms) to turkeys, and it is fatal to the turkey. That being said, many people do raise chickens and turkeys together with no problems. I would contact your local agricultural service, and find out if Blackhead has been in your area. If Blackhead hasnt been in your area, then there is only the picking/fighting problem. Chickens like to pick at turkey tails, and turkeys like to pick at chickens. If they are going to be confined then I would keep them seperate to avoid picking problems, but if they are free ranging, then they should do okay. Of course that is ONLY if your area is Blackhead free.
Good Luck!
Asked by Peggy - July 7, 2009
We have 4 chicks about 19 weeks old. I moved the hens to the large flock because BB ( the young roo cochin + ameraucana mix) was pulling feathers. The young hens seem to be doing ok but are still keeping them selves seprated from the old flock. BB is in a pen all by himself and I fell bad for him. Could I put him in with the old flock or should he stay seprate? The old flock does have a roo (Handsome Ameraucana) very good to the hens (4) and has tought them how to free range. I also have 4 chicks (from the old flock) they are about 7 weeks now, in another pen. If I leave BB by himself at what age should I try to introduce the 7 week old ones to him to make another small flock? In the old flock I also have one hen seprated in the pen that is brooding, she has 3 eggs that she is setting. I also have 3 chicks in the tub they are 5 weeks but small and slow to develop, 3 weeks and one that is only about 1 week old. All of the chickens are ameraucana or EE's except for the 19 week old ones that are EE and Cochin.
I am running out of room and can not keep them all seprate forever. Would like to end up with perhaps 2 small flocks that will both free range.
Thank You

I would try to put him in with other chickens (doesnt matter which ones) and see if he starts pulling feathers. If he doesnt, then he should be fine with the younger flock. If he ends up in with the Amaraucana rooster, keep a close eye to make sure they are getting along, and remember that the hen/rooster ratio will be way off. I completely understand the space issue, as I am having similar problems...
If you have any more questions, feel free to email me any time.

Asked by Hayes Bethany - July 15, 2009
Specifically what about citrus is bad for chickens? We free range our 13 wk old pullets (4 RIR and 3 BR) in our yard 2 or 3 times per day and they LOVE it!!! We have 3 citrus trees. We keep the fruit picked and none on the ground. The girls love rooting around under the citrus trees and of course through the veggie garden. We are concerned about the citrus and don't know specifically what is bad, the fruit or all of it?
Ed and Beth

Well, I have no personal experience with citrus, I have been researching this alot.
I guess it really only matters who you ask. Some people dont even believe it to be true.

While researching I found a great BYC thread about Citrus and Chickens, packed with information.
Glenda L Heywood seems to be pretty educated on the matter, and has done much research in trying to get to the bottom of the theory. You can view some of her findings here.
If you havent had any problems, then I wouldnt worry about it.
Good Luck!!

Asked by Tom - July 17, 2009
I just wondered.
Does Lincoln have a “chicken law”?
Is it true I can have only 2 without a permit?

From what I have read, you are allowed two hens. I cant for the life of me find the actual law though...
Maybe contact the local Ag. Agency, they should be able to confirm it.
If I find out more, I will be sure update you.
Thanks for a great question!
Asked by Issa - July, 2009
I have 3 hens (1 Ameraucana , 2 black silkies). I have a few questions about them if you don't mind.
One of the silkis started laying about 1 every day or 2. She then started to brood ( took feathers off belly) and then stopped laying. I took the eggs last week and she is no longer broody. She has not started laying again. It has been about a week since her last egg. How long should it take her to get back to laying?
This depends completely on the hen. Some take only a couple weeks, and some take up to a month (or more!). There really is nothing you can do but wait...
I don't think my other silky is laying. She has a bad leg. She drags it along as she hops around She is the same age as the other. Is there anything I can do?
If she is comfortable, than you are doing what you should be. She may not lay, or may just be a late bloomer. Just make sure shes healthy, and you may get an egg sometime!
My Ameraucana looks like she is full grown. I got her from a farm auction in May. She has never laid an egg. Ever... What could be wrong\
Could you have bought an old hen? Thats about the only thing I can think of, unless the rehoming has stressed her out THAT much, but I doubt that.
I give my hens "Laying" feed in pellet form. I also recently started to give them oyster shells too...
My last question is about flies.... I have put strips, permitherin (spelling?), traps, etc... They are everywhere... I also have Wood shavings on the ground of the coop. What can I do about the flies? The coop is 2 feet of the ground and has a plywood floor.
Just keep the coop as clean as possible, and that should help, but flies come with rasing chickens.
Attached is a photo if it helps
I really appreciate your help with these questions.
Issa Abboud

If anyone has any other thoughts about my answers, please feel free to email me, and I will update accordingly. Thanks for the good questions, and the picture!! Jason Asked by ducks4you, July 28, 2009 Okay, here's my problem:I have a small flock of RIR with 7 hens (hooray!!) and 3 Roos. (They are 5 months old.) The plan has always been to eat the Roos, keep the hens and move in my 2 yr old RIR hen, "Fanny" as soon as the permanent coop is built. (They are currently living separate, but equal lives.)see post:TEMPORARY Coop--pics finally!https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=185353I was doing my regular, weekly cleaning, where I sweep out the pine shavings from their "dog house" and lo, and behold, one of my pullets is laying!!!Should I be concerned about my roosters potentially fertilizing the eggs that we are eating?How often will this pullet (now a hen, I guess) be laying? (I have forgotten Fanny's laying history.)Aren't the pullets a little young to lay?I REALIZE that the problem disappears as soon as the boys are gone, but I am leaning on your poultry knowledge. THAT's what makes BYC sssooooo cccooooollll!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the help!-Bettyaka ducks4you Alot of great questions!! Fertilized eggs are no different tasting than any other eggs, so there is nothing to worry about there.. RIR's are among the best egg layers, so plan on alot of scrambled eggs in the future!! :) (Not sure the exact eggs/year figure, but am looking it up right now. ) 5 months is about 20 weeks, which is right on time!! Pretty soon you will have more eggs than you can handle. Jason Asked by Farmanimallovr, Dec. 28, 2009 ok, so i have 17 chickens (i think). something like that, they are all heavy breeds except for my silkie. I am going through about 150lbs. of feed a month, it started a couple months ago when it started to get cold. Is that normal?? I have 5 white rocks, 2 Speckled Sussex's, 5 Black Stars, 3 Buff Orpingtons, 1 Silkie, And a very very cute Americauna rooster (i think thats right) From, Trista (Farmanimallovr) That is normal. Chickens tend to eat more in the winter months because they need more energy to produce body heat. If you still think that they are eating too much, you can check around their feeders and make sure they arent wasting any feed. If you have any onther questions, feel free to PM me. Jason FlockTalk Rules 1. Please have all the questions in 24 hours prior to the time questions are supposed to be answered. 2. I will not post questions that violate the normal BYC rules, so be sure to read them prior to asking the question. 3. I will check the questions for spelling/grammar errors, and I reserve the right to change any spelling/grammar errors. 4. If you see a problem with any postings on this page, feel free to PM me, and I will adjust it accordingly. 5. You can include pictures in your question if you would like, but please keep them a reasonable size. 6. Please keep your questions somewhat chicken related, as this is a chicken forum. 7. Please keep your questions short, but descriptive enough for Flockgive an accurate answer.Talk 8. If you would like to be posted as anonymous, please say that in your email/PM, and I will be glad to do that. Thanks for all the great questions that are getting FlockTalk going!!! Please keep 'em coming...